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Version 2.0.25 released

posted Jul 31, 2010, 1:34 PM by Martin Kubecka

A new version was released, which brings the following enhancements, fixes bugs and functionality:

  • Added support for weather station Davis Vantage Pro 2
  • Added support for weather station La Crosse WS-2350
  • In settings added combo box for selecting stations
  • Support for sending data from the local historical database on the main server is always at 3:00
  • Automatic release of vacancies in the database (it is released instead of the flashdisk) is always at 0:00
  • Automatic Re-indexing the database on Monday to 4:00
  • Quick fix in the link list, now is the data formats and units correctly displayed by setting

Important note for update:

Update the standard way to start a local web environment of Stribog in "Basic Settings" - "Update"
!!! Note that the update to version 2.0.25 can take 30-120 minutes!!! depending on the current size of your database to flashdisk and Internet connection speed.
The reason for this exceptionally long period of updates is the fact that the above process vacancy database and Re-indexing database was first run automatically as part of an update to 2.0.25.
Therefore ask you to update the patient and "give her time". Thank you.

After being updated, you can your PC or laptop from which you are upgrading, use the normal way,
progress window can be updated as zminimalizovat the bar, but do not close it.
If during the upgrade to result in a suspension, then update please feel free to run again, will be all right.
(Only in this case for both the running you can switch temporarily Stribog the Trial version).