Trial version

Stribog Trial On-Line download - NEW !!!

Trial version of Stribog has limited functionality:
  • reading data from weather station every 12 hours (full version every 5 minutes)
  • only data from last 1 hour are downloaded from weather station (older data are deleted automatically)

!!! WARNING !!! This procedure will DELETE all data on flash disc !!!

  1. you will need ASUS router with custom Koppel firmware with working Internet connectivity
  2. download small script from
  3. put init.usb to root folder on emtpy flash disc (formated in Windows)
  4. insert flash disc into USB port of ASUS router
  5. trial version will be created on your flash disc automatically in 5-10 minutes
  6. connect to Stribog web interface on port 8081 (usually
  7. choose your language clicking on country flag on right side
  8. go to Settings, use default password: admin
  9. connect weather station
  10. restart router using Reboot router button in Basic Settings
  11. register to Basic edition
  12. if you like it and want to support next development just purchase Standard or Professional edition :-)
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