Supported weather stations

Stribog meteomonitor software supports weather station
It can measure:
  • temperature and humidity (inner and outer)
  • air pressure
  • wind speed and direction
  • rainfall
Data from outer sensors are wireless (2xAA batteries will last for 1 year).
Data are received by display with touch screen (with backlight) and with USB interface.
It is quite cheap! Look at bottom for webshops prices.
You can buy this weather station also under different names with branded display:
new Davis Vantage Pro 2 - beta - looking for testers!
National Geographics NG 265NE (distributed by TOPCOM but seems discontinued)
La Crosse WS-2350

Where to buy weather station

Here you can find few links where is possible to buy compatible weather station and Stribog too: (Czech and Slovak Republic) (worldwide, Stribog distributor for UK)
Are you selling weather stations? Write me email