Publish data from yours own weather station on Internet easily and without PC

Do you want to have your own weather station and display measured data on web?
Then Stribog can fulfill yours dreams very easily.

What you will need?

  1. Weather station. We choose one for you which is nice and cheap. Read more ...
  2. Router Asus WL-500gP V2. This little magic box will read data from weather station and also serve as web server! Read more ...
  3. Stribog USB Flash Disc. This is a brain of whole system! Read more ...
Just connect all together and switch on...

How it looks on web?

NEW - from version 2.x of Stribog you have now 2 options how to look at your data from weather station
1. you can look at your data online on weather server which is included with Stribog licence at
2. there is www server in ASUS router - look at screenshots or you can see Live demo from my house.

Do I need computer or server?

Absolutely NO! You may need computer only to configure Asus router for the first time.

Is it free?

No. Sorry. You have to pay little bit. We want to give you full support with one year free updates and upgrades, online web server at and we are improving Stribog constantly. We need to buy some coffee and burgers for us and our kids too :-)

Stribog? What is it for funny name? 

 Stribog (Stribozh, Strzybog, Стрибог) in the Slavic mythology, is the god and spirit of the winds, sky and air. He is said to be the ancestor (grandfather) of the winds of the eight directions. He had lot of sons and people believe that he is riding horses drunked with his sons when storm is coming  Read more ...